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I've been affiliated with the natural products (health food) industry since 1995, first as a member of the sales management team for a premier manufacturer of vitamins, herbs, teas and sports nutrition products. In 2004, I became the executive director of the regional health food industry trade association, (Natural Products Assn-West) and a leading industry advocate at the Capitol in Sacramento, California and in Washington, D.C. Our signature event was our annual 'Health Matters!' Advocacy Day in Sacramento, California created to educate lawmakers about the positive impact of natural products on citizens' health coupled with reduced health care costs to consumers and to the State. I also worked closely with the California Task Force on Youth and Workplace Wellness pushing for healthier foods in our schools and public offices.

So imagine my delight when I discovered delicious coffee (and later tea) infused with the all-natural, health-enhancing herbs I was so passionate about for all of these years! A perfect marriage and a brilliant idea created by Javita Founder/CEO, Stan Cherelstein!

In addition to my Javita business, I am a proud member of the American Botanical Council, The Fair Oaks Chamber of Commerce (serving as an Ambassador), The SacMetro Chamber of Commerce and an inaugural member of The Sacramento Area Womens Chamber of Commerce.

I am passionate about our company and our products and I am dedicated to sharing the health and wealth with everyone who visits my on-line cafe. Chances are you have loved ones who are in need of better health and frankly, better wealth. In this day and age of economic uncertainty, adults of all ages need to establish multiple sources of income while leveraging other people's time to build residual income. I am leading a global expansion of on-line cafes with this once in a lifetime franchising opportunity! How about getting paid every time someone drinks a cup of Javita coffee or tea? How about driving a BMW or Mini Cooper paid for by Javita?! Just ask me how!

Electronic Caregiver of Sacramento

Dot Boyd,
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