About ThingaMaWebs Web & Media Sol.

Having been a professional software engineer in the private sector since 1985 our founder and owner Kevin Regan found himself with a strong knowledge base that other web developers didn't have so he started ThingaMaWebs to help people get their messages out to the world on the internet.

Regardless of the size, scope or budget we bring your vision to life, we stand with our clients making sure any project we work on is fully supported and manageable. With over a quarter of a decade of experience ThingaMaWebs has access to some of the top people in the software and web development field to make your project a success.

With a wealth of knowledge in both the commercial and private sectors we understand that above all and beyond all the technical details it is communication and firm understanding upfront about our clients needs and vision. We will sit with you for as long or as many times as it takes to understand your requirements putting all of these ideas to paper then providing test and demo sites for you to view before we actually design your site. Communication the key to any projects success and we value a solid communications chain above all else.

ThingaMaWebs Web & Media Sol.

Kevin Regan,
20 Riverside Dr.
Merrimack, New Hampshire 03054
(978) 399-4474
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