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We all want to defy the aging process. SeneGence products can help do that! I would love to be your beauty support person, I can provide the products that you need or help you BUILD your OWN business!

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Anti-Aging SkinCare

SeneDerm SkinCare systems work by affording the user the greatest benefits from the most effective anti-aging ingredients available today. Product formulas contain a proprietary skin care ingredient called SenePlex Complex, a unique combination of ingredients, which when used properly, accelerates cellular renewal by 23.3%. Independent Clinical Tests results confirm that SenePlex Complex is highly effective in increasing skin firmness and elasticity, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and enhancing luminosity. A complete regimen for total skincare from morning to night is available.

Specialized Treatments

SeneDerm Solutions is a line of specialized treatment products that serve as effective solutions for an array of targeted specific skin and personal care needs. SeneGence and its scientists self-formulated these products using amazing technologies blended with SenePlex Complex to create products that work effectively on problem areas users have previously only dreamed of finding resolutions for.

Long-Lasting Color Cosmetics

Combining the same anti-aging benefits as our skincare with patented long-lasting color technology results in the SenseCosmetics line of creamy color cosmetics with SenePlex Complex. SenseCosmetics are water-proof or water-resistant, act as a mechanical shield and deliver essential nutrients to create healthier skin with use. SenseCosmetics can be blended together to create custom looks.

The premier product of SeneGence is patented LipSense liquid lip color. LipSense is an amazing departure from conventional lipsticks and lip colors found on the market today. It comes in a wide variety of shades and textures with over 50 shades that can be to mixed and matched to create a number of effects. This unique product is waterproof and does not smear off, rub off, or kiss off and can last anywhere from 4 to18 hours. LipSense is a non-wax, liquid lip color that stays on the skin and provides a natural, mechanical shield from the elements.

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Sene Gence/LipSense

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