About Cordova Church of Christ

Members of Cordova Church of Christ are devoted to being a living example of the love Christ has for all people. Located in the Sacramento, California metropolitan area, we are over 400 ethnically diverse members who have joined together with a mission to spread Gods love, and a vision to grow Gods kingdom by serving others so they can experience Gods love in action.

Our church family is ethnically diverse with over 450 members living in more than 40 communities throughout the greater Sacramento area. A large percentage of these members have a college and/or post graduate degree with careers in a variety of professions within the Sacramento region. This gives us a tremendous amount of God-given talent and experience, which we utilize in all areas of Gods work. Cordova members believe in caring and supporting one another through fellowship and service to others. In our spiritual development, we seek guidance for growth through a stronger relationship with God. Spiritual growth and accountability best take place when Christians grow closer to one another. In 2009, we began a small group ministry called m|group. Each group, which includes both members and non-members, meets in homes throughout the region.

Cordova Church of Christ

Larry Stafford,
10577 Coloma Road
Rancho Cordova, California 95670
Access our Mobile App by texting CCCHRIST to 72727