About Margaretville Central School

We are a small, rural school, yet take pride in our ability to offer the same programs as large schools. We have upgraded our technology infrastructure to use fiber optic cabling and equipment to give us high-speed connection. We will have access to broadband this summer, and have a digital distance-learning lab that has opened all new venues to us.

In athletics, we offer soccer in the fall, basketball, cheerleading, bowling, and skiing in the winter, and tennis, softball and baseball in the spring. As a school, we have been focused on wellness, which includes nutrition awa reness and physical fitness. It is our goal to make our students aware of these and to develop healthy lifestyles.


Margaretville Central School will develop capable individuals and critical thinkers, instilled with positive self-esteem, creativity, and a life-long desire for learning. To assure our school's atmosphere for growth and achievement, we will foster a challenging educational environment supported by a dedicated staff and the cooperation of family, peers, and community.

Margaretville Central School

Dr. Roberet Chakar, Superintendent,
PO Box 319
Margaretville, New York 12455
Access our Mobile App by texting MCENTRALSCHOOL to 21777